A Church wedding is a wonderful occasion: a happy couple, standing up before their friends and families, in the presence of God, declaring their love for one another. The Church of England conducts thousands of weddings every year and we would be delighted to answer any queries about your hopes for your wedding.

If you are interested in being married in one of our churches, there are several things you need to know.

You are very welcome

Churches are always delighted to welcome new people and visitors to services. It is a real privilege to get to know a couple preparing for marriage.

Are you legally allowed to be married in that particular church?

If you have an existing connection with a church or parish (e.g. you or your parents live in the parish or you have been a member of the church in the past) then the legal formalities for a wedding should be straightforward to arrange. To see all the possible legal connections to a church, click here.

If you don't have an existing connection with a church and your wedding is more than six months away there may be time to establish a connection by attending services regularly between now and your wedding. You are very welcome to begin attending services. Do introduce yourself when you visit. You can also contact the vicar (see below) to find out more.

Where can I find answers to my questions about getting married in Church? is the best place to find answers to many of your questions, but your vicar can help too.

Who do you need to contact in order to enquire about booking a wedding?

In most cases, you will need to talk to the vicar or minister in the church.

If you hope to be married in:

  • Aldwark, St Stephen
  • Alne, St Mary 
  • Brafferton, St Peter
  • Myton on Swale, St Mary 
  • Thormanby, St Mary Magdalene
  • Tollerton, St Michael

Please contact the church administrator, Arthur.  Tel: 01347 838610; email:

If you hope to be married in:

  • Easingwold,St John the Baptist and All Saints 
  • Raskelf, St Mary 

Please contact The Revd Margaret Young. Tel: 01347 821394; email:

If you hope to be married in

  • Farlington, St Leonard
  • Marton on the Forest, St Mary 
  • Sheriff Hutton, St Helen and the Holy Cross
  • Stillington, St Nicholas
  • Sutton on the Forest, All Hallows

Please contact The Revd Steve Whiting Tel: 01347 810251

If you hope to be married in

  • Brandsby, All Saints
  • Carlton Husthwaite, St Mary 
  • Coxwold, St Michael
  • Crayke, St Cuthbert
  • Husthwaite, St Nicholas

Please contact The Revd Katie Franks.  Weddings do not usually take place at Holy Trinity, Yearsley or St Thomas, Wass, but please do contact Katie and ask.  Tel: 01347 821599

If you hope to be married in

  • Shipton by Beningbrough, Holy Evangelists

Please contact The Revd Trevor Gant. Tel: 01904 527423

If you hoped to be married in

  • Newton-on-Ouse, All Saints 

Please contact: Churchwarden: Dr Stephanie Dow. Tel: 01347 848808

If you hoped to be married in

  • Skelton, St Giles

Please contact Churchwardens: Carolyn Evans Tel: 01904 470125 or Ian Holbrook Tel: 01904 470674

If you hope to be married in

  • Strensall, St Mary the Virgin

Please contact The Revd Martin Harrison.  Tel: 01904 490683; email: or The Revd Katharine McBride Tel: 07740 291548

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