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A Church of England funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.  

Here for Everyone: choosing a Church of England Funeral

You can ask your undertaker to contact the local vicar on your behalf, or get in touch with them directly. 

For Aldwark, Alne, Brafferton, Myton on Swale, Thormanby and Tollerton please contact:
The Revd Debbie Coyne on 01423 360759 or
 The Revd Carmel Gittens Tel: 01347 833437

For Easingwold and Raskelf please contact:  
The Revd Margaret Young Tel: 01347 821394

For Farlington, Marton on the Forest, Sheriff Hutton, Stillington and Sutton on the Forest
please contact: The Revd Steve Whiting Tel: 01347 810251

For Brandsby, Carlton Husthwaite, Coxwold, Crayke, Husthwaite, Wass and Yearsley
please contact: The Revd Liz Hassall Tel: 01347 822809 or The Revd Stephen Pope Tel: 07816 168735

For Shipton please contact:
The Revd Trevor Gant. Tel: 01904 527423
For Skelton and Newton on Ouse please contact:
The Revd Malcolm Wainwright. Tel: 01904 471351 

For Strensall please contact:
The Revd Martin Harrison Tel: 01904 490683 or The Revd Katharine McBride Tel: 07740 291548